Hang Around. Have Fun. Be EXACTLYU

You know what's unique about the Sophisticated Girl character? She's not just a fun dress-up doll or a space saver wall decor. She's a self reflection of a young girl with hope and dreams. A leader with goals and promise. ExactlyU wins awardsShe's a young, strong, confident Sophisticated Girl that will someday empower the world. She's the type of girl you aspire your child to become with a twist of uniqueness, the girl that looks at her reflection in the mirror with confidence, the girl that you encourage to be exactly who she is.. EXACTLYU

  • Height adjustable wooden body frame that grows with the child inch by inch
  • Stunning floral print dress with stylish boots made of 100% polyester
  • Stylish personalized chalkboard purse with an empowering etched message for positive reinforcement
  • Mirror to display self empowerment through child's reflection
  • Patent No. US D806,453 S

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Also - Two new accessories coming soon! More