"Sophisticated Girl" Interactive Wall Character by ExactlyU

$ 74.99

  • Stunning floral print felt dress with stylish boots made of 100% polyester

  • Stylish personalized chalkboard purse with an empowering etched message for positive reinforcement

  • Mirror to display self-empowerment through child's reflection

  • Patent pending height adjustable wooden body frame that grows with the child inch by inch


Hello, yes it's __________, A leader that's me, with beautiful eyes, I'm sure you'll agree, when I look in the mirror it's as clear as can be, a girl full of goals is what I can see.

All Accessories included!

Includes mirror, adjustable wooden body frame, purse, dress, boots and chalk.


• 4-Part wooden model frame with Velcro strips
• Mirror
• 6 Washers
• 3 Wooden growth ribs
• 6 Anchors
• 8 Screws
• Allen wrench
• 12 Wooden pegs
• Nail
• Stick-on felt dress and 2 boots
• Chalkboard purse with chalk
• Assembly instructions

Package ships 23" x 15" x 3"

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