ExactlyU wall characters were created by Lisa Viveiros with a passion to enrich positive reflection and confidence through self assurance and relevant play, believing that each child has a special niche to contribute to the world. The variety of character's grow with your child- literally!

Mounted on a wall, this unique wooden body shaped design actually grows with your child inch by inch simply by sliding up the upper body, replacing "rib" inserts and inserting pegs to keep the upper and lower body in position, pretty cool-hah?

Each character has a change of clothes and shoes that is easily adhered to the wood frame for dress-up fun, accompanied by a stylish chalkboard purse and chalk with a personal inspiring message to add pizzazz to the character's style. The child writes their name to make it their own with a flip side for personal notation fun, and a mirror for self reflection.

Staged at a fashion show event, the objective to this fun creation is to showcase and build awareness that you can alter someone's character, dress in their particular style clothes, sashay their walk, but the one thing you can never change is the reflection in the mirror- The star of the show- YOU!

Our Mission
is to provide the tools and set the stage to trigger self-empowerment through reflection, positive reinforcement and fun dress up play. 

Our  Intention
is to avoid an image of how we should appear to others; but how confident we appear to ourself.

Our Belief
is by enhancing self-confidence in today's young generation we will pave the way to assured leadership of tomorrow.